Limited Prep

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Limited Preparation (Impromptu, Extemp) Information


Thanks to Thomas Liu for pointing out this excellent visualization site:

Newsmap takes the results from Google news and shows visualizations of the data based on related story groupings. You can set it to collect and compare data from several countries. You can exclude certain types of stories from the set. You can generally get a pretty solid idea of what people are talking about. It's really an awesome resource.

Some good study advice

As should be clear to you all by now, there's a lot of research and reading that goes on as a necessary part of this activity. One of the great things about this endeavor is that you get an opportunity to engage your research in ways that aren't typical in standard course curricula.

To that end, I feel that it's important to pass on a few crucial study skills that I recommend you take on as part of your preparation for tournaments. The more time you put in developing these skills and habits the better off you'll be both in competition and in your academic life.

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