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Policy Debate Information

Some good study advice

As should be clear to you all by now, there's a lot of research and reading that goes on as a necessary part of this activity. One of the great things about this endeavor is that you get an opportunity to engage your research in ways that aren't typical in standard course curricula.

To that end, I feel that it's important to pass on a few crucial study skills that I recommend you take on as part of your preparation for tournaments. The more time you put in developing these skills and habits the better off you'll be both in competition and in your academic life.

2009 NFL Policy Debate Topic

The 2009-2010 Policy Debate topic will be:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase social services for persons living in poverty in the United States.

This is a fascinating topic that can cover a whole lot of interesting areas. The term "social services" is pretty broad, and those who live in poverty are a pretty vast swath of society. I think there are some really awesome debates to be had. Let's start hitting the books!

Excellent Policy Debate Rounds on YouTube

Nick Matthews from McClatchy High has posted a couple of Policy out rounds from the 2009 NFL National tournament on YouTube. Round 7 between Bishop Guertin and Minneapolis South is a pretty solid round. It's not too fast and furious. Katryna and Chris from Bishop Guertin are excellent debaters. Katryna won a special award at the TOC this year, and has excellent CX and analysis skills. Jane and Mari from Minn South are also really strong debaters. This is a really quality round.

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