About MHS Speech and Debate

MHS Speech and Debate is the reigning AIA division 4A State Champion Speech & Debate team. We offer a full program of competitive public speaking, debate, and interpretation events. Our dedicated coaching staff has the experience, knowledge, and skill to provide guidance and instruction to help young people achieve extraordinary success.

Our students have participated at the highest levels, winning multiple state championships. garnering national recognition, and competing at the very highest levels high school has to offer. Upon graduating, McClintock Speech and Debate team members have gone on to top colleges and universities, superior professional graduate schools (including Harvard and the University of Michigan Law Schools), and have had the kind of success that can only come to those who understand the value of leadership, presence, and charisma. We are extraordinarily proud of the team that we have built.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Tim Cornwell, a McClintock High School S&D Alumni himself, studied Theater Education at Northern Arizona University. Tim is the Drama teacher at McClintock High School, and he is an extraordinarily talented and dedicated coach and director. Under Tim's direction, MHS Speech and Debate Students have won several state championships, had a number of national qualifiers, and achieved recognition both locally and nationally. The MHS Speech and Debate team has won 3 AIA 4A State Championships under Tim's direction, and is in search of a 4th title this March. Tim received his first NFL Diamond Coaching Award in 2008 (recognizing a combination of years of service and student achievement).

Debate Coach Richard "Richie" Glover studied English Education at Northern Arizona University, after which he taught high school for a year in Cave Creek Arizona. Richie has been active in the debate community since his first tournament in 1995. He has coached students at several Arizona high schools, as well as having helped coach the team at Arizona State University. Richie spent a number of years working with some of the top coaches and competitors in the nation at the CDE Debate Summer Institute. These days, Richie spends most of his time designing and building websites for a living. In his free time, Richie enjoys working with MHS Speech & Debate. He received his first NFL Diamond Coaching Award at NFL Nationals in Birmingham Alabama this year.

Other Volunteer Coaches: MHS Speech and Debate has an extraordinary volunteer coaching staff. English teacher Karen O'Neil provides wonderful insight on public speeches, and interpretation events. Denise Hurtt, Amber Hendrix, Janet Zhou, Dwayne Holmes, and Carmen Hoffman are MHS Forensics alumni who provide some of the best individual event coaching in the state. Alumni Clara Tschudi-Campbell, and Justin Bever along with volunteer coach Danielle Fundora have joined our ranks to help with our growing debate program.

Helping MHS Speech & Debate

Running a team like this takes a great deal of time, effort, and energy. As well as quite a lot of money. If you'd like to help support the MHS Speech and Debate team, please click here to find out how you can help. We greatly appreciate your generous contributions of time, energy, and money. They make a real difference to us, and to our students.