Support MHS Speech and Debate

There are plenty of ways that you can help MHS Speech and Debate. From financial contributions, to volunteering your time and energy, We are always in need of the support of our community.


It's expensive to run a competitive speech and debate team. We have travel costs, tournament entry fees, expenses for materials and research, and even tuition for summer camps that we have to concern ourselves with. We could easily spend over $20,000 a year! In order to maintain the high levels of performance we strive for, we rely on the generosity of the community. Here are some ways you can help financially support us:

We are proud to offer an exciting new fundraising option from Simply Functional fundraising. Typical fundraising sales require multiple steps, lots of knocking on doors, insecure and inconvenient cash or check transactions, and the very real possibility that you never receive whatever you happened to buy. Simply Functional has fixed that problem by using the power of internet shopping. By visiting our Simply Functional Fundraising page you can purchase a box of assorted delicious salad dressings. The transaction is a secure online transaction with your credit card or paypal account, and $5.00 of the proceeds from each box sold go to support our team.

Individuals who pay Arizona State Income Tax are eligible for a $200 tax credit (up to $400 for married couples filing jointly) if they donate to McClintock High School Speech & Debate. Your contribution to our activity opens up some amazing doors for these young people, and you get the money subtracted directly from your Arizona income tax burden. That means you get the money back when tax time comes around. It couldn't be easier! The Tax Credit Donation page at the Tempe Unified School District website will allow you to select McClintock High School, and specify the Activity (if you specify Speech & Debate, the money will get to our account). You can also come in to the school and tell our friendly bookkeeper that you'd like to make a Tax Credit donation to the Speech & Debate team, and she'll be happy to get you set up.

We are also happy to accept donations to our booster club account from corporations and businesses. These donations are not eligible for the Tax Credit (which is only for individuals), but they are deductible as charitable contributions. Contact Head Coach Tim Cornwell for more information if you'd like to make a donation.

Volunteer Opportunities

We also have plenty of opportunities for volunteer assistance. Speech tournaments require us to provide a certain number of judges to cover our entries. We can train you to be an expert judge. This is an opportunity to see young people at their best, and provide them with feedback that will be hugely beneficial for them on their road to success. Your participation can make a real difference in the lives of these students.

We also have plenty of opportunities to help with general team administration. These responsibilities include helping us chaperone students, providing meals for judges and coaches at tournaments, helping to set up and run fundraising activities, and other key pieces of helping the team to accomplish its goals.

To volunteer with MHS Speech and Debate, please contact Head Coach Tim Cornwell.