Welcome to the McClintock High School Speech and Debate Team

We're glad you've joined us. We have a great speech and debate team here at McClintock High School. We are the 5-time AIA 4A State Champions. We have a history of awesome competitive success, and a lot of passion.

Have a look around the site. Across the very top, you'll see some links to the various events we do. Those pages contain information about what we do, and what we're working on. There is also a link to some information about the team and the coaches, and some information on how you can get involved and help support MHS Speech & Debate.

For members of the MHS Speech and Debate team, we also offer a full suite of Google Applications. You'll see links at the top, and off to the side. This is how you access your McClintockSpeech.com e-mail account, Google Calendar, and shared documents. There are also links to The Joy of Tournaments website (where the season schedule, and tournament invitations are listed), and the NFL Online website (where student NFL Points are recorded, new debate topics are announced, and a wealth of information is housed).

If you're new to this whole Speech and Debate thing, you might start by reading a few of the following resources:

Again, we'd like to thank you for joining us. We hope this site is educational, interesting, and fun. Our goal is to make this both a resource for parents and community members to engage in what we do, as well as a resource for our competitors to share information and keep themselves organized. Let us know what we can do to improve the site by contacting our Debate Coach and web administrator Richard "Richie" Glover